Let me try to explain what this book is about... and, just as important, what not.
It is not a travel guide. For that, get a "Lonely Planet".
Nor is it a guide on "how to ride a bike around the world".
There are plenty of books on that subject, the best one (imho) being  Chris Scott's "Adventure Motorcycling Handbook".
It is also not a "novel".  Though it starts pretty "connected", it soon turns into a collection of short stories. Tales from the road.
Each chapter tells a story of a specific "adventure" (for lack of a better word).
It's fun, ridiculous, daft... but all true without exaggerations. There is enough of that already.
It is also not complete...  It is only a tiny part of the entire journey.
Maybe one day there will be a part 2 and a part 3, 4 and 5.
But for now, this is all you'll get.