It took 3 years to ride around the world. That was the easy part.
Then it took 2 years to write, rewrite, delete, recover, select and shape-up a collection of stories about it.
The worst part was editing. Reading, re-reading, correcting, re-reading. I must have read every story a dozen times.
Am I the only author that has a love-hate relation with his book?
Anyway, it is finished.  285 pages of adventure, culture and most of all, butt-pain.
A little over a hundred photos add to the 'tales of the road'.
And all this for around  20 bucks.
You can order it now at
as a  paperback 
or as an E-book
or ask your local book-store, ISBN: 978-1-105-40803-8
NEW ! ! !  Now also available in german.
Titel: 100.000 Meilen Einsamkeit
Subtitel: Geschichten von der Straße
ISBN 978-3941760059
Check it out at   Verlag Kastanienhof
I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed experiencing it.